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Six Fatal Internet Marketing Mistakes the Big Players Hope You Make

Straight Facts for Accommodation Operators Hoping For More Enquiries and Bookings

Over the last decade, the internet has changed the way people research, enquire about, and make accommodation bookings. For instance…

  • 83% of travelers use the internet to research accommodation before making an enquiry or a booking decision.
  • Only 1% of accommodation bookings in 2002 were booked on the internet.Today that figure has skyrocketed to over 50%.
  • The average offline marketing campaign receives a very poor response rate of 1% (on a very good day) while email marketing shines with a 20-30% open rate.
  • 72% of people check email 6 times a day

The internet is now dominating traditional methods of

accommodation marketing. It has proven itself the most

cost-effective tool for generating more enquiries and bookings.

If you are not using the internet as part of your current marketing strategy then you may be missing easy opportunities to fill more beds throughout the year.


Let’s review the Six fatal internet marketing mistakes made by Hotel, Resort, and Accommodation Operators and how you can avoid them.

Fatal Mistake #1 – Failing To Plan

The big players in the accommodation industry are embracing the internet. They are experiencing incredible business growth on the back of strategies such as online promotions, email newsletters, and social media.

From the outside it looks like the land of opportunity and that, you need to ‘get on board now’ or risk missing out.

The promise of fast results and an avalanche of bookings can be very distracting. Some operators react before planning.

Without a plan you end up chasing the latest online marketing guru, or new strategy you read about, flit from this to that and wonder why nothing seems to work for you.

What are you aiming for? What do you expect from your internet marketing? How will you know when you have reached it?

You do not need a 100-page plan full of legalese with budgets, graphs, and financial projections that no one but your accountant understands.

At the very least, you need to match your internet marketing plan with your business goals and be very clear about what makes your operation preferable to any of your competitors.
Fatal Mistake #2 – Looking Cheap and Unprofessional


There are numerous cheap website options available and you see ads every day promising ‘specials’ to get your business online cheaply in just a matter of days.

Need a website? Get your cousins nephew to do it, he’s ‘good with computers’.
Need a logo and graphics? The people who did the signs outside should have a copy.
Collect emails from guests? Just store it on the registration card and we will do something with them ‘later’
Email marketing? Just send out batches using Outlook.

Is this any way to run a successful business?

If you have the time and patience, you could cobble together a ‘system’ but the only problem is that that your marketing (and therefore, your business) will look cheap. The impression potential guests get is that you are (a) broke, (b) cheap, or (c) unprofessional (and maybe all three).

What does that say about the accommodation you are offering?

You need to ensure that your internet marketing has a clean, classy, and professional feel and that your online presence makes your accommodation business look worth the prices you charge.

Fatal Mistake #3 – Not Capturing Visitor Details

A visitor arrives on your website, reads the accommodation options, and leaves. They may like your property and may intend to come back another time – but rarely ever do. They forget, lose your website address, or just get busy. You have lost them



I am constantly amazed at the number of accommodation operators that are not capturing visitor details in a marketing database. They are losing potential guests and making the challenge of filling beds and making higher profits harder than it should to be.

It takes time, money, and effort to attract people to your website, why let them leave without having a way to keep in touch?

Once you have lost a visitor they could be gone forever.

Not to mention the friends or family they may have referred.

Do you really want to let them walk away that easily?

Building a marketing database will ensure your business receives more repeat bookings and referrals. Old style marketing in the hope of picking up a ‘cold lead’ is an expensive and low return option for your business.

Fatal Mistake #4: Choosing a “Pretty” website design over one designed for marketing.


The success of your marketing will always depend on how well you communicate you message to potential guests.

There are many examples of great looking websites on the internet that do little or nothing to help grab the attention of the visitor and encourage them to enquire or make a booking.

Your business needs an enquiries and booking system…not just a pretty website.

A plain looking website that delivers the right marketing message to your prospects or guests will generate more enquiries and bookings than any fancy looking websiteever could.

Implementing a marketing website is not about fancy graphics…it is about delivering the bookings for your business.

Fatal Mistake #5: Thinking the internet is a path to quick moneyFatal_mistake_5_image

The internet is very powerful way to communicate with prospects or past guests who may be in another city, interstate or on the other side of the world.

Using the internet to market your business will be a very profitable addition to your marketing mix…of course, many operators follow the flawed ‘Build it and they will come’ approach.

It’s not as easy at launching your website and then sitting back to wait for the bookings to start rolling in. Anyone trying to sell you that pipe dream is simply trying to con you.

Many operators take the quick path and roll out marketing solutions that are more aimed at ticking the ‘Yes we are doing that’ box, rather a solution that accurately tracks results and helps you make better marketing decisions.

There are hundreds (or even thousands) of ways that operators are

successfully marketing on the internet. Choosing the right solution for your business

will be the difference between becoming more profitable or throwing your hard-

earned money down the drain.   

Bookings and enquiries do not just come to you magically on the internet…although it may start to feel like that with an accommodation industry specialist in your corner who will help you with tested, proven, and guaranteed marketing solutions

Fatal Mistake #6: Thinking You Can Do It All Yourself…Fatal_Mistake_6_image

The skills required to be a successful internet marketer require constant updating

The last thing you need is a consultant to tell you what to do, charge you a fortune and then leave you with more things to add to your already lengthy “To-do” list. Let’s face it; you just don’t have the time…


“The Perfect Marketing Solution for Your Business
Should Be 100% Done-For-You and
Be Guaranteed To Grow Your Bookings”


You need an industry expert with an army of skilled staff who can help you roll out the perfect marketing solution for your business.

Every day you are not marketing your Hotel, Resort, or Accommodation business is another day of empty beds and a thinner bank account.

An internet marketing solution that guarantees more bookings is worth your time to consider.

The easiest and fastest way to assess whether your business is suffering from any of these fatal mistakes is to review your current marketing.

The fastest way to assess if your business is ready to take advantage of the benefits of internet marketing to increase bookings is to request a FREE Hotel and Resort Marketing Audit (valued at $697).

Why am I offering you this FREE Hotel and Resort Marketing Audit? Frankly, we do not know if your business is a good fit for our program. Even though you may successfully complete the self-assessment quiz in Book 4, you may still be unsure if this is THE opportunity for you. This gives both of us the chance to know if we should work together in the future.

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