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Make Your Website an Email List Building Machine

Everybody knows one-sided relationships never work. The same is true with websites. If a website is focused entirely upon you, you will lose any visitors that may stumble across it.

 On the other hand, a website done correctly (one that focuses on the visitor) can easily become a lead capturing machine!

 So as you are considering building or redesigning your website think carefully about how to collect people’s details when they visit your site. There are many schools of thought on how this should be done.

Now remember people are visiting your site for a reason and typically want to do something. Give your visitors something to do. Give them something free to download. Let them register for an online competition giveaway (eg Holiday promotion). Ask for their opinion on a blog entry.

Do something, anything, and once the person responds, you “Require” the following information: name, and email. Are they a qualified lead yet, maybe not but over time they may become a great customer through smart email marketing strategy. I’ll discuss auto-responders in my next blog.


You must have a Living, Breathing Customer Database

If you’re like most small business owners, you want to maximize referrals and repeat business so that you don’t have to spend your time chasing down leads and convincing folks that they should do business with you.

But building this type of business takes constant contact with your customers. You see, as the months go by, your past customers just aren’t thinking about you anymore. That’s the cold, hard truth. And no matter how great your service was, your customers are busy living their lives–odds are, they won’t remember you. And they definitely won’t mention your name at the next family picnic when Uncle Jack starts talking about the pains your product or service fixes.

Am I saying that good service won’t help you get a referral here and there? Of course not!

What I am saying is that if you want a strong customer base that is the backbone of your business, you must actively, systematically and methodically BUILD YOUR CUSTOMER BASE.

You Must Have A Living, Breathing Customer Database.

So, what do I mean when I say you need a “living, breathing customer database?”

Well, you need to actively build your customer database—every day, every week, every month! All of your contact, prospect and customer data, order & billing info… everything needs to be entered and stored in the database. You need these people organized into meaningful groups. And you need the flexibility to sort through the database so that on a moment’s notice you can pull up prospects or customers that might bring you more business.

And when you combine a solid customer database with the power of follow-up campaigns (autoresponders), you have the ability to land lots of new business in a short period of time. You can effortlessly run a customer loyalty campaign that keeps your name in front of customers… and keeps repeat business and referrals coming your way.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can easily begin to build a customer database for your business, give me a call or send me an email. It’s actually much simpler than you thinks and requires litle or no effort.