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The Story of Hotel and Resort Marketing SolutionsBook_I_Image_1

My name is Heatley Gilmore. I am a fellow accommodation industry operator and founder of Hotel and Resort Marketing Solutions.
I would like to take a moment talk with you about how Hotel and Resort Marketing Solutions can help you increase your bookings by 30% without breaking the bank or being stuck on a computer all day.
The internet has changed the face of accommodation marketing. Many of the traditional methods of generating enquiries are less effective while some ‘tried-and-true’ methods are now just a poor investment.

The more successful operators are embracing the internet as a marketing tool.

Many operators feel overwhelmed when considering internet marketing. It can be confusing when thinking about how to best use websites, email, search engines, and social media to market your business.
It is common for operators to feel like they need to spend money on internet marketing in order to ‘keep up’.
Just as my own children chase each other and run faster and faster to catch up, sometimes they go so fast that they lose control and fall over. When you are implementing solutions into your business just to keep up, the risk of stumbling or not making the finish line starts to build.

It is in those moments when you lose control that factors outside your business can also come into play and bring your business to its knees.

When I was growing up on my parents’ farm, I learned the feeling of loss when impacted by factors beyond your control. The storm that wiped out our entire crop made this problem very clear to me.
I remember feeling helpless as the hail hammered on the roof. I knew from the look on Dad’s face that we had lost the whole crop. I realised then that a business with so much uncertainty was not for me, and that my future was not on the land.
It was a proud day for our family as Mum, Dad, my brother Phil and sister Bec farewelled me as I left for University. I was the first family member to do so and expectations were high. Dad’s only advice to me as I left was to “Get out there and experience the world”.

Armed with my degree majoring in Marketing and Business Management I began a journey that would see me help over 400 business owners across Australia and Europe.   

I soon became more aware of the incredible marketing opportunity that the internet presented. My first marketing venture was an Online Local Business Directory. It was so popular we signed up over 300 clients in just six weeks.

One business owner grew his sales to over $20,000 per month.

Back on the family farm, life was also beginning to change. My parents made the decision to move off the land. They purchased the management rights to an accommodation resort in Rainbow Beach, Qld. The transition from the land to the accommodation industry proved to be quite a challenge.

Managing the every-day tasks was not the problem. There was a proven system and a routine to get all the jobs done. Book_I_Image_2

Managing the marketing of the resort was proving more of a challenge.

Inconsistent bookings and erratic cash flow were taking their toll on the business. My parent’s after-farming dream life did not look so bright.

Without the skills to promote the business, my parents found themselves falling into what I now call “Desperation Marketing”, which is:

•    Attempting to ‘have a go’ at low-cost marketing strategies because if it didn’t work, they wouldn’t lose that much money;
•    Re-trying old low-result strategies that the previous owners had used to solve short-term occupancy problems;
•    Desperately scanning the latest Industry publications in search of a solution to consistently low occupancy rates; and
•    Attending ‘Free’ internet marketing seminars only to discover they were just a sales pitch for a product that did not meet their needs.

I returned home after selling my franchise consultancy business in the UK to find that it was Mum and Dad that now needed my skills. We had a long talk about the business, the challenges, and their goals.

It was time to take action. I committed the next 3 months to help establish a marketing structure and the automated systems that would buy back my parents’ dream life

It did not take long for the changes to start reaping rewards as we:

•    Relaunched the website began capturing visitor details and used a marketing database to generate enquiries;
•    Achieved higher search engine rankings which grew enquiries and bookings;
•    Generated enquiries using Google advertising campaigns to target guests by age, location and reason for travelling;
•    Increased bookings using a monthly Email Newsletter; and
•    Raised the business profile by using Social Media.

My parents loved this part…Book_I_Image_3 Every marketing system that we rolled out was 100% Done-For-Them. They never needed to learn about how a system worked – unless they wanted to.

It was the perfect solution.

The resort was consistently running at a higher occupancy rate year-round. My parents were taking more bookings and making higher profits every month.

During that time, my wife and I bought a home, settled in Rainbow Beach with our four children, and became more heavily involved in the family business.

The turnaround in Mum and Dad’s business was nothing short of astounding. There was growing talk between other operators who had been watching our business grow. They had experienced the same challenges and wanted the same solutions as well.

It was not long before we were sitting in front of other bookings-starved resort operators. We were consistently hearing the same experiences of low occupancy rates, ineffective marketing, and declining profits.

The enquiries and our client list have continued to build. Hotel and Resort Marketing Solutions is fast becoming the industry benchmark for successful hotel, resort, and accommodation operators.

Our clients benefit from our cost-effective, done-for-you marketing systems that will fill beds with more guests and bank accounts with higher profits.

Maybe you can relate to this too.

If you can, then the following books present a way for you to increase your occupancy rates and make your business more profitable.

There is short self-assessment quiz in Book 4. It will help you see whether the internet is right marketing tool to increase your enquiries and bookings.   

I hope you find the information in the following books informative.
Warm Regards

 Heatley Gilmore

Heatley Gilmore

Director, Hotel and Resort Marketing Solutions