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Mobile Marketing – Is it the next big thing?


Just like everything else these days online marketing is going mobile. As smart phones become cheaper and more popular, people are finding themselves using their phones and tablets more and more for their internet searching. Especially when searching for things locally. How many times have you needed to find a restaurant or accommodation and pulled your phone out to search for directions?

Mobile Phone Usage is Exploding

According to those who know, mobile phone usage is going to DOUBLE by 2012 and TRIPLE by 2013. Sounds like a mobile marketing strategy needs to be developed now.

Have you ever Googled something on your phone and seen different search results than Googling on a PC? That’s because Google knows you’re on a mobile device and wants to deliver the best results for you on the go. Thus they emphasize and rank higher those sites that are mobile friendly and have higher ‘mobile ranking’ because of Google Places, Local Reviews, etc.

A website’s mobile traffic is currently averaging between10% and 20%, but from personal experience I have seen mobile traffic double during holidays and high traffic times because people are using their phones as they travel. That’s 20-40% of your traffic, or 1 out of every 5 people vising your site. You might think “but 4 out of 5 people still visit us on a computer, so do we really need a mobile strategy?” Remember it’s 20-40%%. If you grew your annual revenue by 20% would that be a pretty big deal? I think we all can say yes. In Australia, over 54% of people are using their phones for searching the internet.

Creating a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Even before we get to the mobile marketing aspects of things, you first need to make sure your website is ‘Mobile Friendly’.

What we typically see is a ‘watered down’ version of a website when visiting a mobile website because people want to quickly aspect the most important things to them. This typically leans toward your contact information, directions, phone number, email address etc. People want these things fast, so when thinking about your mobile website keep in mind people will be accessing your site from a phone or tablet for fast information.

So don’t use large images, videos, flash etc. Straight forward HTML and CSS can easily get people to what they are looking for on your site. Start by creating a sitemap of your mobile site, just like you would your regular website. Except ask yourself what would I want to access on my website in 2 minutes or less if I were coming here for quick information? Now this doesn’t mean to exclude critical aspects of your website, but keep in mind your traffic is coming from a smaller screen and wanting the information more quickly.

Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

If you are unsure how to get your mobile marketing plan started, feel free to contact us today on 0407660198 for a free consultation review of your internet marketing strategy. You can also read more interesting articles on our blog here